On October 24, the Pilsen Zoo (Czech Republic) celebrated the opening of the Fish Ark, a new exhibit dedicated to endangered freshwater fish and their conservation. But it's not just about fish, there are also some snails and shrimps. These are of course from Sulawesi!

The Fish Ark was opened by (from left): guests from the Ostrava Zoo Jiří Novák and Markéta Rejlková (at the same time the president of Sulawesi Keepers) and employees of the Pilsen Zoo Michal Soukup (aquarist) and Tomáš Peš (curator and author of the exhibit).
© Jaroslav Vogeltanz

The small room is full of nicely decorated aquariums, each tank dedicated to a specific geographical area. A black wall with concise texts completes the atmosphere with a strong message: everyone can get involved in species conservation. Four projects are given as examples: Citizen Conservation, ÖVVÖ Conservation Projects, Goodeid Working Group and Sulawesi Keepers. We are pleased and proud to be in this company.

Inside the exhibit area.
© Jaroslav Vogeltanz

Sulawesi tank is inhabited by Caridina caerulea and Tylomelania sp. Orange. A good combination of Lake Poso species, which is a safe bet because they are both attractive and relatively easy to keep. So it's definitely the best starting point, but colleagues from Pilsen are already keeping another species in the adjacent room.

No plants and no fish. This must be Sulawesi :-).
Happy shrimps Caridina caerulea.

This Fish Ark pays tribute to freshwater species and the aquarists who protect them. If you get a chance to visit it, don't miss it.

Markéta Rejlková