Our goal is to bring nature lovers, aquarists, scientists, photographers, fishermen, professional keepers or conservationists together to stop the destruction of unique freshwater biotopes of Sulawesi and prevent the extinction of even the smallest and overlooked species.

There are several ways you can help and make a difference.

Support our On-Site activities

Donate to support our awareness campaigns in Indonesia to prevent further release of exotic species into local waters. Invasive fish and crayfish are driving many vulnerable native species to extinction. Help local people appreciate the diversity of native endemic fauna and to protect it.

Donate to support our monitoring, research and conservation activities in Sulawesi. The more funds we raise, the more work can be done to help where it is needed most. We can prevent extinction.

Join our conservation Breeding Programme

Keep endangered species in your home aquarium with the aim of contributing to a safe ex situ (captive) population. Find out about the status of the natural population of the species you keep and work with other breeders to ensure our insurance populations are thriving. Keeping endangered species is not just a hobby, it is nature conservation.

Join our network of responsible breeders.

Share Your expertise

Researcher, student, traveller, collector… If you have visited the aquatic biotopes of Sulawesi or are working with the island's freshwater fauna, share your materials. Help us understand the biology of fish and invertebrates.

Do you have experience in keeping and breeding freshwater species from Sulawesi? Contribute to the development of Best Practice Guidelines.

Work in the field

Spend part of your free time or even a holiday exploring the Sulawesi aquatic habitats. Have you ever dreamed of snorkeling in tropical lakes and watching fish and invertebrates in their natural habitat? You can fulfill your dream and help us with monitoring. Let's go underwater.

Give your talent

Are you a skilled photographer? Share your photos to help us bring the beauty of Sulawesi fish and invertebrates to a wide audience.

Contribute to our work by helping us with translations, development of materials, communication and fundraising.

We need your time, energy and ideas. Join our team to do something good.

Spread the Word

Tell your family and friends about the diversity of native aquatic fauna of Sulawesi. Show them how beautiful a snail or shrimp can be. And don't forget to tell them that these creatures are threatened with extinction and need our help. Send them our flyer.

Share the stories from our blog and social media.

Let people know that keeping animals can directly contribute to species conservation.

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Feel Free To Contact Us

We look forward to discussing your ideas for our collaboration.

No, if you do not live in Indonesia or if your work does not have a direct impact in this country. We don't pay for fundraising, photos, translations, articles, …

One hour monthly? Perfect! One hour weekly? We will adore you 🙂

Donate – your money will have a direct impact in Indonesia.

Most species of fish and invertebrates from Sulawesi should only be kept by experienced aquarists. If you have any doubts about your skills, it is advisable to follow our newsletter and keep learning. Support our project financially and by sharing our content with your friends.