We recently announced a new partnership with Institut Mosintuwu for Lake Poso biodiversity conservation. Now you can help us and contribute directly to this mission. We are looking for photos of fish, shrimps, snails and crabs from this lake for the creation of educational materials that will be used during school visits and other presentations to local people from the Poso area. If you keep one of the mentioned species in your aquarium and you can take a nice photo of it, please contact us.

Fish from Lake Poso:
  • Adrianichthys kruyti
  • Adrianichthys oophorus
  • Adrianichthys poptae
  • Adrianichthys roseni
  • Anguilla celebesensis
  • Anguilla marmorata
  • Anguilla bicolor pacifica
  • Mugilogobius amadi
  • Mugilogobius sarasinorum
  • Nomorhamphus celebensis
  • Oryzias nebulosus
  • Oryzias nigrimas
  • Oryzias orthognathus
Nomorhamphus celebensis.
Shrimps from Lake Poso:
  • Caridina acutirostris
  • Caridina caerulea
  • Caridina ensifera
  • Caridina fusca
  • Caridina lilianae
  • Caridina longidigita
  • Caridia marlenae
  • Caridina mayamareenae
  • Caridina poso
  • Caridina sarasinorum
  • Caridina schenkeli
Caridina poso.
Snails from Lake Poso:
  • Celetaia persculpta
  • Keindahan fragilis
  • Keindahan indah
  • Miratesta celebensis
  • Protancylus pileolus
  • Sulawesidrobia angusta
  • Sulawesidrobia bonnei
  • Sulawesidrobia botak
  • Sulawesidrobia bulat
  • Sulawesidrobia calvitium
  • Sulawesidrobia danau
  • Sulawesidrobia kecil
  • Sulawesidrobia kerajaan
  • Sulawesidrobia langsing
  • Sulawesidrobia marwotoae
  • Sulawesidrobia posoensis
  • Sulawesidrobia sarasinorum
  • Sulawesidrobia siput
  • Sulawesidrobia whitteni
  • Tylomelania carbo
  • Tylomelania connectens
  • Tylomelania centaurus
  • Tylomelania kuli
  • Tylomelania neritiformis
  • Tylomelania porcellanica
  • Tylomelania toradjarum
  • Tylomelania spp.
Snails from Lake Poso.
Crabs from Lake Poso:
  • Migmathelphusa olivacea
  • Parathelphusa possoensis
  • Parathelphusa sarasinorum
  • Parathelphusa tenuipes
  • Sundathelphusa molluscivora

You can definitely help us if you have visited Lake Poso and taken some photos there.

Lake Poso.

Last but not least, if you don't have photos of Poso species but are a skilled illustrator, send us your drawings!

All photos and drawings submitted will be used solely for non-commercial purposes and we will attribute your authorship appropriately. Just contact us to find out how you can help us show these wonderful species to the people living around the lake. Let them emerge from beneath the surface into the sight of people who can protect them. Thank you!!!

Markéta Rejlková