Our team of experts and advisors has grown to include a very well-known aquarist, Sulawesi fish expert Andreas Wagnitz from Germany.

His passion for water creatures began at the age of 10. He is an aquarist, hobby animal photographer and author of aquaristic articles. His aquaristic focus is in Asia and Oceania, especially gobies, rainbowfish, sailfin silversides, ricefish, halfbeaks and archerfish are close to his heart. Andreas gives lectures on the keeping, breeding and food acquisition of his favorite fish and inspires with beautiful photos that are taken with a lot of passion.

He undertook several expeditions to Indonesia, caught many of his animals in Sulawesi and Papua himself and keeps them in his facility. Fish from Sulawesi are bred and distributed to zoos, museums or aquarists (e.g. Oryzias asinua, Oryzias nigrimas, Nomorhamphus spec. "Lembo", Nomorhamphus sagittarius and many others).

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