Our project received significant financial support: €15,000! It is a confirmation for us that the mission of Sulawesi Keepers is meaningful and important. At the same time, it is a commitment that we do not relent in our efforts to connect aquarists, scientists, conservation organisations and local communities to prevent extinction.

This amazing support was mediated by Lars Dwinger from our partner organization AKWB – by the way, we already received a donation of €1000 from AKWB in 2022. Lars reached out to MEGAZOO and the idea of a small support eventually turned into a donation that will allow us to make great progress.

MEGAZOO is a chain of stores with animals and pet supplies with many branches in Germany and Austria. They say about themselves:

We are animal lovers and protectors of nature and the environment all in one. For us, one cannot be separated from the other. We cannot allow the disappearance of species, the destruction of habitats and the abuse of the environment. That is why we created the T.U.N initiative (from the German tun = to act) in 2016, which tries to make a concrete and noticeable contribution!

MEGAZOO contributes to various activities aimed at the protection of nature and animals. They themselves lead by example, but at the same time they always invite their friends from the aquarium industry to join the donation. They are represented by the brand MEGAZOO & Friends.

Sulawesi Keepers will use these funds for the creation of teaching materials, the organization of educational events, field work in Sulawesi, investments in conservation breeding and for other necessary activities.

Thank you!

Markéta Rejlková