Sulawesi Keepers support the conservation breeding initiative in Indonesia – and you can easily get involved! By providing material assistance to our trusted partner, we increase the chances of survival for all Sulawesi freshwater species threatened with extinction (including those that are not kept by aquarists). Help us build insurance populations in breeding facilities without sending us your money.

Here is the deal: You give the materials, we ship them to Indonesia.

We all know what is so difficult about making the Sulawesi invertebrates thrive over the long term – keeping them alive and breeding them. This requires significant experience and skills. That's hard to share. But we also know what the easier part is – obtaining the necessary materials.

Sulawesi Keepers packed 4 buckets of mineral salt (over 12kg total weight) and sent them to one of our key partners in Indonesia, the Prigen Conservation Breeding Ark. PCBA is building a large breeding facility for freshwater endemics of Sulawesi. Conservation breeding of these endangered species is very much needed, and it makes sense to have such facility directly in Indonesia. We want to support this effort and providing a material help is very easy way to do so.

PCBA has extensive experience in the conservation breeding of various animals, including fish, but is based in Java. This means that they need to treat the water to successfully keep the Sulawesi species. We have suggested the use of SaltyShrimp Sulawesi Mineral (both 7,5 and 8,5 variants for different purposes), as this mineral salt is used by aquarists around the world and works for even the most delicate shrimp species. This is a safe bet.

The first batch of mineral salts was generously donated by Garnelenhaus.

We thank the Logemann brothers, Frank and Carsten, for their generous support of our initiative. They are the owners of the Garnelenhaus and SaltyShrimp is their own brand, with their Sulawesi products developed after visiting this island in 2008 and 2011. These four buckets of mineral salts should be enough to keep PCBA running at least until the end of 2022. Note that the expected volume of all Sulawesi tanks in this breeding facility is 13,000 litres.

What happens when supplies run out in PCBA? We have a proposal for you – send us mineral salts and we will ship them to Indonesia at our expense. You can also send other mineral supplements or food for Sulawesi invertebrates, these are not easily found in Java. This combined shipping of materials is also more environmentally friendly. For security reasons, only unopened packages will be accepted. Please contact us for more information. Thanks!

We will keep you informed about the new facility in Indonesia and are very grateful for any donation to support our activities.

Markéta Rejlková