Shrimp and snails are in! It was a quick action and the first Sulawesi invertebrates are already in the aquariums of our breeding facility. We start with Caridina dennerli (this must not be missed 😊), Caridina caerulea and Tylomelania sp. "Mini Yellow". These three species were donated to the Ostrava Zoo by the excellent Sulawesi shrimp breeder Pavel Besta. He read about our project on the internet, visited our zoo to learn more – and after seeing our empty tanks, he decided to support us by giving us some of the "beginner" species. All these animals were bred by him. Thank you, Pavel!

We left the tanks without our intervention for almost three months and a few days before the first inhabitants moved in, we checked the water parameters to see if we were ready. Our water is almost perfect for Sulawesi, but we adjusted the GH / KH in one of the aquariums to match the conditions in their previous home. Yes, before getting the animals we asked the breeder about his water parameters!

In the photos you can see bags with invertebrates during acclimatization. We slowly added water from the tank to the bag and released the shrimps after two hours. The shrimps immediately began examining the algae on the rocks, while the tiny snails literally ran in all directions to explore their new home!

You can expect updates 😊

Markéta Rejlková