We have hundreds of shrimp photos and videos from the Poso, Matano and Towuti Lakes visit. In this article, we select just a few examples:

Caridina caerulea is one of the relatively easy to breed species. It is unmissable in Lake Poso, it can be found typically on the underside of rocks and logs. They sit upside down on vertical rocks.
Caridina ensifera is a large shrimp found in Lake Poso in pelagic swarms, but also on stones, branches and sand, often in sunny places.
Caridina longidigita searches for places with a current, in which it quickly swings its long fingers and catches food. It is endemic to Lake Poso.
Caridina sarasinorum occurs in the very shallow waters of Lake Poso.
Caridina loehae is one of the smallest shrimps from the Malili lakes. We can find it on the underside of the stones.
Caridina woltereckae is very abundant on the rocky places of Lake Towuti. Thanks to the proportion of white color, it is also quite noticeable – how many shrimps can you count in the rock crevices?
Caridina striata seeks similar places as the previous species. But it is well camouflaged, only the white "socks" reveal it.
Caridina lanceolata is abundant and widely distributed in Lakes Matano, Mahalona and Towuti.
Caridina sulawesi is an exception in this selection. It is a riverine species from southern and central Sulawesi.
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Markéta Rejlková