If you don't know anything about aquatic plants that grow in Sulawesi lakes, you can first look at our series of articles dedicated to the most famous species:

But if you are interested in a selection of photos from the last expedition, let's go and see them! We came across some very green places as well as species that we saw only marginally or not at all in 2022. This article is not a scientific review, but (another) small sample of the natural wealth and beauty of Sulawesi's ancient lakes.

Chara sp. is very special and unmistakable – especially when it's bearing orange reproductive organs.
This magical place (with clusters of stonewort, Chara sp.) is in Lake Matano.
The biggest star among Sulawesi aquatic plants, Ottelia mesenterium. In shallow water with a strong current (water in lakes is definitely not stagnant!) the leaf rosettes are compact and relatively small.
Here in Lake Matano, Ottelia mesenterium sends its flowers to the surface even several meters away.
Ottelia alismoides is less known, but also a very interesting relative of the previous species.
This particular growth of plants attracts attention. It's easy to get tangled up in the "forest". The leaves on the surface reveal that it is some kind of water lily.
And indeed, it is Nymphoides sp. "Lymnocharus". The miniature rosette of ground leaves contrasts with the long flower stems.
What a beauty – and red to boot! Najas sp.
Four species of the genus Najas are found in Sulawesi waters. We will take a closer look at these plants in one of the continuations of our "plant series".
In Sulawesi we also find probably seven species of the genus Eriocaulon. We still have to focus on them too, it is not at all easy to recognize them from each other.
At the end, I kept a picture from Lake Towuti. I wanted to visit this place because Eriocaulon sp. was creating a nice lawn here a year earlier. Underwater, of course! But in 2023, the level of lakes at the end of the dry season was very low, as I have already shown here.

Unfortunately, even the plants in the lakes are endangered. But we will deal with negative news (balanced by our plans for action!!!) at another time.

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Markéta Rejlková