Institut Mosintuwu, our partner from Lake Poso, has been active in promoting local biodiversity. On the occasion of the village festival in Peura on June 7 to 8, children and adult participants could see many representatives of the lake fauna. The village festival is an event where the elders / traditional leaders of the 42 surrounding villages come together.

In two aquariums, several smaller tanks and also in the form of museum specimens, people living on the shore of the lake could see up close several representatives of fish (Nomorhamphus celebensis, Mugilogobius sarasinorum and 5 species of ricefish) as well as 11 species of shrimps, two species of crabs and many different snails. About 100 people showed great interest.

As Eko (Kurniawan P. Bandjolu) from the Institut Mosintuwu says, it was interesting to talk to the festival goers. They only knew 3 of the 5 species of ricefish and even only two species of shrimps. But they were very interested in these aquatic creatures and had a lot of questions. Teachers from the village would like to talk about this topic in schools and would appreciate it if we could provide them with teaching materials.

And guess what? Of course, we are already working on it together with the Institut Mosintuwu! You can get involved by providing your photos, illustrations, information… see the call here.

Other similar activities and also school visits are already planned for next months.

Markéta Rejlková