Caridina poso (Sulawesi White Orchid)

We have a new shrimp species: Caridina poso known under the trade name "White Orchid". It was scientifically described in 2021 by Werner Klotz, Daisy Wowor and Kristina von Rintelen and it is a hard substrate dweller from Lake Poso. Like other shrimps from this lake, it should be one of the relatively easier to keep. We are embarking on the Sulawesi task gradually!

Sulawesi Cardinal shrimp (Caridina dennerli) baby
Cardinal shrimp (Caridina dennerli) babies are spotted from the first day.

After the successful breeding of Caridina caerulea at Ostrava Zoo, we also found babies of Caridina dennerli! Obviously they are very tiny and secretive just like their parents, but you can easily find them when looking for their pair of "white socks". When you see two tiny parallel white lines, you look in the right place. There will be a shrimp somewhere besides the legs.

Caridina dennerli baby
Documentary photo: it's really hard to spot the babies. Look exactly in the middle, you will see two white lines.

In the tank with Caridina dennerli, we will soon have to solve one problem: the ostracods (seed shrimp). These little crustaceans have been in the aquarium from the very beginning (we inadvertently introduced them there along with the first shrimps) and have not caused any problems yet. But their number is growing, and because the experience of other shrimp keepers is not good, we will start their elimination before the ostracods population gets out of hand. But about that next time…

Adult Caridina dennerli like to stay in rock crevices. Two yellowish ostracods can be seen just above the shrimp.

Markéta Rejlková