According to the IUCN Red List, a taxon is Critically Endangered (CR) when it is considered to be

facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild.

We talk a lot about the conservation status of Sulawesi fish and invertebrates and the threats to their natural habitat. We have already shown you the spread of invasive cichlids in lakes, algae cover, siltation… It is obvious that something bad is happening.


But what if we stop looking from the distance? Let's be specific and name the most endangered species. This time we will focus on Sulawesi shrimps:

Endemic to Lake Matano:

  • Caridina dennerli ("Sulawesi Cardinal Shrimp")

Endemic to Lake Towuti:

  • Caridina glaubrechti ("Red Orchid", "Brown Camo")
  • Caridina profundicola ("Sun Stripe")
  • Caridina spinata ("Yellow Nose", "Yellow Stripe"…)
  • Caridina spongicola
  • Caridina woltereckae ("Harlequin")
Caridina glaubrechti.

Endemic to Malili Lakes:

  • Caridina lanceolata
  • Caridina lingkonae
  • Caridina loehae ("Mini Blue Bee")
  • Caridina masapi ("Towuti Tiger")
  • Caridina parvula
  • Caridina striata ("Red Line")
  • Caridina tenuirostris

Endemic to Lake Lindu:

  • Caridina linduensis
Caridina loehae
Caridina loehae.

If you don't see some Sulawesi shrimp on the list, it means that it is probably evaluated "only" as Endangered or Vulnerable (e.g. most of the species from Lake Poso). Very few representatives of the island's freshwater fauna are not endangered in any way.

Some of these species are very popular. Some are extremely hard to find and even harder to keep in the long run. That is why we need to unite and work to learn how to keep and breed these shrimps.

Caridina spinata.

Do you keep any of the listed species?

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The results will be anonymised before publication and you do not make any commitment by letting us know what species you keep. We ask neither for the number of your animals nor for their origin.

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Markéta Rejlková