Attention all Sulawesi keepers!

We are launching the Sulawesi Keepers Global Survey to find out what species are currently kept by the aquarists worldwide. The freshwater fauna of Sulawesi is endangered and many species are threatened with extinction, so the more we keep them – and we are able to breed them and create insurance populations that will prosper in the long run – the better. As a first step in our conservation breeding initiative, we would like to find out which species are already sufficiently represented and which species require our attention.

Do you keep any species of freshwater fish or invertebrates from Sulawesi?

Have you kept any in the past?

Then please fill out our survey.

You don't need to know the exact species name, the survey is done in a way that simplifies identification.

This survey is conducted by Sulawesi Keepers – find out more about us.

The results will be anonymised before publication and you do not make any commitment by letting us know what species you keep. We ask neither for the number of your animals nor for their origin.  We will not contact you unless you explicitly indicate that you would like more details about our conservation breeding initiative or to be informed about the results of the survey.

There is also a bonus section with questions that will help us learn more about who the Sulawesi keepers are. Feel free to skip it, but if you've always wanted to know if the popular myths are actually true, help us get some insight. Are shrimp keepers mostly young males, while university education is closely linked to keeping gobies and snails? Or is it the other way around😊?

If you have difficulty understanding the survey in English but would like to participate, please email us at

Thank you for your help, please spread the survey among your friends.

Markéta Rejlková