Our team has grown with a new member: Kateřina Schrimpelová has joined us. Katka has professional education and experience closely related to water, as well as a significant aquaristic past :-). She will help us, for example, with professional texts and promotion.

Katka is a freelance consultant in water chemistry and technology. A former aquarist who devotes much of her life to water. A graduate of civil engineering with a focus on water management, specializing in water chemistry. In her doctoral studies, she dealt with ecotoxicology and the influence of agriculture on surface watercourses and water quality in karst areas. At the same time, she also studied applied geology with a focus on hydrogeology and geochemistry, especially in the field of mine waters. She has professional experience in designing water purification and treatment technologies.

During about 10 years, when she was actively involved in aquaristics, she was mainly interested in the function of these small aquatic systems – the relationship between plants, animals and microorganisms. Her aquariums were usually low tech, full of plants and with only a small amount of fish.

We are also looking for other willing people who would help us with the creation of materials, translations, data search and promotion. There are many ways to get involved and you can find them here.

Update 07/2023: Katka has resigned from active participation in the management of Sulawesi Keepers because she is fully devoted to her motherly duties. Best wishes and thanks for your work, Katka!

Markéta Rejlková