We try to protect the freshwater fauna of Sulawesi together with aquarists, scientists and various conservation organisations. And that's why we have established further cooperation! Our new partner is Shoal, the programme of Synchronicity Earth (based in the UK) and Re:wild (based in the USA). Shoal were established in 2019 to direct much-needed attention towards freshwater species conservation. Their mission is to halt extinctions and recover populations of the most threatened freshwater species around the world.

Shoal’s activities in Sulawesi to date have focused on Lake Mahalona. Working closely with local fishermen, Shoal’s partner Yayasan Bumi Sawerigading have overseen the removal of more than 20,000 invasive fish via selective fishing techniques. With the decline in invasive species, the populations of endemic species have increased significantly.

Over the coming months, Shoal will continue to work with Yayasan Bumi Sawerigading, and partner with Progres, a Sulawesi based conservation NGO, to recover populations of threatened and endemic fish and invertebrates in Lake Mahalona, Lake Matano and Lake Poso – three of the world’s most important lakes for fish conservation. In addition, once the necessary funds have been raised, Progres will lead the work to search for the Duck-billed buntingi in Lake Poso, one of the Top 10 from Shoal’s Search for the Lost Fishes programme.

Duck-billed buntingi (Adrianichthys kruyti ) from Lake Poso was last seen in 1983.
© Chrysteena Garcia

Markéta Rejlková