We have previously explained in detail how conservation breeding works in aquariums in general in an article published on our blog. Since the beginning of Sulawesi Keepers, we have also declared that we want to dedicate ourselves to conservation breeding and we intend to build and support an international network of breeders who will work together. Our common goal is to maintain insurance populations of endangered species in aquariums. Whatever threatens the endemic freshwater fauna of Sulawesi, and the threats are really serious, we want to preserve the species for future generations, at least in aquariums. We do not renounce responsibility for improving conditions in nature and will strive to maintain species in lakes and rivers; but at the same time, we can all contribute to protecting species from extinction by keeping, breeding and spreading them to other responsible breeders.

Fishkeeping is not just a hobby, it can save species!
conservation breeding Sulawesi Keepers

We are launching a fish program right now!

You can read about the species we work with and what the guidelines of the program are on this page. Only a few specialists breed Sulawesi fish. We would love it if you could join us and help us ensure that these almost unknown fish are spread and kept in our tanks for the long term. We need to spread some species to more breeders. We cannot yet breed others at all and we are looking for experienced aquarists who will try to conquer this challenge together with us. And many species of Sulawesi endemic fish have unfortunately never been kept in aquariums; this means that we cannot protect them with an insurance population in aquariums. So we have a lot of work to do…

Similar conservation breeding programs for shrimps, snails and potentially crabs will follow.

Markéta Rejlková